Thursday, 27 March 2014

Floor plan for Baba Nyonya house

Floor plan

The floor plans show the interior design of a  typical Peranakan house, consisting of the following rooms, the ancestral hall, the living room, kitchen, bridal chamber, bedroom and library.
     The Peranakan house can be said to symbolize the Peranakan culture. It is the setting in which Peranakan art, ritual and tradition are most clearly expressed. This is also the reason why we chose to introduce this website to you by bringing you through the rooms of a typical Peranakan house.

     The traditional Peranakan house, with its eclectic mix of furnishings, reveals how the unique Peranakan community has enjoyed a lifestyle both deeply rooted in Chinese tradition, and receptive to the cultures of other local communities.

"The exterior design of a Peranakan house is much influenced by the European style of architecture, while the interior design follows the Chinese style. The house can be extended beyond the original structure repeatedly." 

 Mr. Peter Wee, committee member of the Singapore Peranakan Association.

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